Selamat Datang

If you know anything about me, you know that I don’t read blogs. Sure, I think they’re interesting, witty, often informative and entertaining… yet for some reason I’m just not a blog reader.  So why would I want to write a blog that no one reads, that I myself wouldn’t read? Well, partly because a lot of people have asked me to write about my travels around the world, partly because I’m giving into the temptation to be relevant…. but I would say mainly because my life is a story. I’m working hard to write it well, but what’s the point of a story if no one reads it. What’s the point of a life well lived, if you don’t share it with people?

So, selamat datang. (huzzah! for learing a Malay phrase!)

Welcome to my story. I hope it will be interesting and witty and informative and entertaining…. although it will probably just be another blog that people can’t be bothered to read. Don’t feel guilty, I probably won’t read it either. 🙂

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