4D bus seats

There’s no use having a funny experience if when it comes to writing it down, wit fails you.

Like, what do you say about choosing the squeakiest, bounciest bus seat in the entire world that flings you about like a rag doll?? Well I suppose there’s a lot to be said…

There were at least 50 open seats on the bus and I just had to choose the seat manufactured in a 4D motion seat factory. Picture it: we’re driving along, everyone’s happily reading their books or gazing out the window at the gorgeous Malaysian scenery.  Then suddenly, there it is, in the middle of the road: a pot hole.

What’s an insignificant wobble to the other passengers is a rickety old wooden roller coaster ride to me, or the most turbulent transatlantic flight, or perhaps even like sitting on a trampoline while elephants jump around you.

There was no way I was going to survive an hour’s bus ride in such conditions as these. So I did what any sane person might do: I moved seats.  But not far enough away. The squeaking followed me across the aisle and haunted my cat naps, forever reminding me of the fate that could have been mine, had the bus reached maximum capacity making changing seats an impossibility.

I pity the fool who chooses that seat next … be ware the squeaking bouncy seat…. BE WARE!

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