I’m in Africa. I mean, I’m really really in Africa. whoa…

It must be the people, because I’d seen pictures of South Africa long before I really wanted to go there.  So if it wasn’t the lure of geography or big animals, it must have been the people, the friends I made while teaching in South Korea.  I don’t even think it was one moment, or one person that attached me to the idea of visiting South Africa, it was just a building up and building up with every conversation I’d had with a saffer. Then as I’d be looking at one my many world maps my eyes would linger on SA longer and longer wondering about the towns and cities, the coasts and mountains, and what life was like for my friends there.

It’s really hard to explain the feeling of realizing that that spot on the map that you’d been dreaming about and studying, planning and saving for… that your feet are standing there.   It’s a struggle of the mind to fully grasp that you’ve arrived, that the land you’re seeing, the mountains, the fresh air, this is all real, and you’re in it.

So here I am: in South Africa.

Every once in a while Noel and I will look at each other and just say, “we’re in Africa”.  At this point (since I’ve been so lax on writing) I’ve been here almost two weeks and it’s still surreal.  We call these “Africa moments”, when the realization washes over us and we take a mental step back to get the picture of our current reality.

So much has happened in this week and a half, we’ve met some pretty cool people but we’ve also been able to spend some awesome times with our friend’s families.  I would definitely say that’s been the best part so far. We’ve been taken into our friend’s homes and completley spoiled. It’s been AWESOME!  🙂 Yeah, there’s just too much to write about right now, so I’ll have to break up my adventures into bite sizes that will come later. … be on the look out!



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