Joburg through car windows.

This blog will be short. Almost as short as our trip to Joburg (or more properly Johannesburg).  Our travel itinerary had us flying out of Joburg to Istanbul so we had to get there if only for that reason.  Fortunately, Clint, a close friend I’d met teaching in South Korea and the same Clint who helped me survive Table Mountain in Cape Town, was living just outside the city.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see that guy one more time before we left South Africa.  His mom graciously came to the bus station, that we were expressly told not to leave, to pick us up and take us home.  What we saw of Johannesburg was seen through the windows of her car…. so I can say I’ve been there, but I can’t really tell you what it’s like.  If you pressed me for an answer, I’d have to say it’s gray with graffiti and people, but that could be any number of cities, couldn’t it?

Instead, our tour of Johannesburg was spent mostly in Clint’s room defeating him at board games and poking around his room for cool artifacts.

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Of course, this blog would be incomplete if I didn’t rave about the homecooked meal that Clint’s mom and dad prepared for us. The food was delicious and it just kept coming, and coming!  Well after dinner, mom, dad, or both would pop their heads into Clint’s room to offer food: chocolate covered almonds, milo with cookies, left overs, anything….. mmmmm… It seriously was a shame that we were flying out the next day, but honestly in that one night we laughed enough to fill a week. We also probably ate enough to last a week. …mmmmm chocolate covered almonds………


I absolutely fell in love with South Africa. So many amazing experiences and fun times spent with friends. How fitting that our last night was spent in the company of one of my closest friends, laughing our heads off. South Africa, I will see you again. You made an impression on my heart and the memory of you will be carried with me for the rest of my life. That is fact.

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